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Ragtime Revolutionaries
Ragtime Revolutionaries are a five piece street punk band from Los Angeles California. We've been playing with the current lineup for about a year or so now, but the band itself has been around since the dawn of time under many different names with a few different members. Our lyrics are made up from certain, mainly social issues that we feel need to be talked about, our messages comes from whatever the fuck we feel like yelling about at the moment, we like to think of ourselfs as a band that shows how we feel the unity of the punk scene should be, we all have different views on politics, drug use, violence and so on, but we still know that in order to accomplish anything we must stick together as one. Musically we can't say who the hell we draw influence from, since most of us listen to just about everything, unless it sucks. We just recorded our first release at Dave Waterbury Studios and will be working on releasing a four way split with Youth Rebellion, Broke Till' Thursday, and Lower Class Citizens. Currently (and probably always) we are accepting any offers for shows/partys that you wanna throw our way we promise to do our best. For booking info just e-mail us at...