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Vocals, Guitar
Lefty is 20, and a founding member of Infected. He lives in Covina, and installs and repairs windows and doors all over the goddamn place.
Guitar, Vocals
Freddy is 21, and a founding member of Infected. He lives in Covina. He goes to Mt. San Antonio College, delivers pizza, and cheats death almost daily.
Guitar, Vocals
Brandon is 22, and currently lives in La Puente. He joined Infected in September '99. He works with Lefty, doing the windows and doors thing. He has a website with his art and stuff.

Alan is 23, and currently lives in Pomona. He joined Infected in October 2000. Alan goes to Cal Poly University, delivers pizza, and aspires to order high school students around. He has a website with all sorts of neat stuff.
Adrian is 21, and lives in Covina. He joined Infected in late 2001.

A 5-piece band from the East San Gabriel Valley, Infected has been playing straight-up punk rock since 1999. Their sound has frequently been described as "old school" -- aggressive, powerful riffs and throaty, screaming vocals, with no pop bullshit. Comparisons to specific bands are few and far-between, but GG Allin, Black Flag, and the Germs come close to the mark. Their lyrics run the gamut from political, to comical, to just plain rude. Infected plays clubs and backyards all over Southern California and beyond. For booking, e-mail or call (626) 477-0130.