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MEdia Assassins
David Vigilant
Age 18 Birth Day July 21, 1984 Sign Cancer Music he's been listening to mostly in the last month Tsunami Bomb, The Casualties, Whatever it Takes, Pipedown,Virus Nine, and Anti-Flag. Favorite Bands The Unseen, Anti-Flag, The Casualties, Pistol Grip, Conflict, Crass, The Adicts, A.F.I., At the Drive-In, Rage Against The Machine, Nirvana, The Cure, Dead Kennedys, The Exploited, Aus Rotten, Minor Threat, Sex Pistols, The Ramones, Social Distortion, UK Subs, Floggin Molly, Bob Marley, Dilated Peoples, and a lot more. I just can't remember all of them. Favorite Movies I have the Bruce Lee collection and my favorite is the Chinese Connection, all Adam Sandler movies, The Usual Suspects, Taxi Driver, ClockWork Orange, Breakfast Club, er uh?????????? and many many more. Dislikes CNN, NBC, ABC, and all the rest of those propaganda, manipulative, brainwashing, mainstream media programs. Oh yea and Shitalkers who try to put us down. Fuck off you Cunts!!! Likes Living at my girlfriends house, reading books about Mass Media and books by Naom Chomski, and listening to my girlfriend's poetry. Its so coooool.but sometimes a little scary. First Show 1998, US Bombs and Toxic Narcotic at the Chain Reaction. One of his best memories at a show My first time I saw Anti-Flag. The tickets were sold out and my friend and I waited outside looking for some scalpers. We didn't find any and we were fucking crying but then the front lady called us and gave us 2 free tickets. She didn't say anything so I never asked why. I just grabed the tickets and we went inside and it was fucking AWESOME!!!! One of his best memories at a M.A. show Taking care of my Wasted girlfriend and watching her throw up some chunks =X ewwwwwwwwww Interests POLITICS (yeah boring), writing some songs now and then, reading a book, and especially hanging out with my friends (can't forget u guys). Biggest Regret Wanting to join the Marines and saying the pledge of allegence. I knew i wanted to be a punk rocker when... i voted!!!!!!!!!! Favorite Food Anything that my MaMa Rosa makes and ice cream. Believes that the word "punk" means Doing It Yourself for the good of you and those around you in a positive manner. To this date has never... Thrown up as nasty as my girlfriend!hahahahah Someday hopes to Witness World Peace and throw up nastier than MARICELA!
ADD Tony
Age 17 Instrument Bass Brithday October 8, 1985 Sign Libra Music he's been listening to in the last month Charles Bronson, Minor Threat, Aus-Rotten, SPAZZ Favorite Bands Charles Bronson, Minor Threat, Aus-Rotten, Doom, Spazz, The Adicts, Sex Pistols, AFI, False Alliance, Crass, SUBHUMANS, Dead Kennedys. Favorite Movies Texas Chainsaw Masacre, SLC Punk, Sid & Nancy, Cun-Pow, and more Dislikes SHIT TALKERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Likes Playing the bass and guitar, Going out and having fun with some beer, go to gigs and playing, and pitting it to some badass bands!!!!!!!!!!!
Instrument Drums Age 17 Birth Day July ??, 1985 Sign The middle finger!!! Music he's been listening to in the last month The Locust, SPAZZ, Charles Bronson,TOXIC NARCOTIC Favorite Bands The Locust, SPAZZ, Charles Bronson, Nazum, Assuck, Dropdead, Capitalist Casualties, and Anti-Schizm Favorite Movies Heather Hunter's "Night of the Hunter" and Midget Madness Favorite T.V. Shows We only watch cartoons! Dislikes DAVID!!!!!!! Likes Chicks, Skateboarding, S*x, Beer, Playing Video Games, and Watching Yu-Gi-Oh. First Show I don't remember cuz I got really wasted. One of his best memories at a show I found a dollar and i played my shit rite at our first gig! Biggest Regret I listened to Eminem = x Favorite Food monkey brains!!!!!!! To this day has never... done crystal meth, shot up, or shot anybody.
Felix the Kat
Age 17 Instrument Guitar Birthday March 4, 1985 Sign Pisces Music he's been listening to in the last month The Casualties, Minor Threat, The Unseen Favorite Bands The Casualties, Minor Threat, The Unseen, Slick Shoes, The Vomits, and Faction. Favorite Movies Scarface and Don't Be A Menace While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood, Biggest Regret Breaking my arm while skateboarding. Dislikes Shit talkers, conceited people, hairy women, fascist nazis, and red necks, those religious programs on TV on Sundays, and being single!!! Likes Girls, skateboarding, going to gigs, girls, girls, girls, girls and did i mentiond girls!!!!!!!!! I love girls.