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Litmus Green
The Litmus Green formed in 1991 from the ashes of a band called Media Children, of which Rev. Sean, Ed, and Rick were members and Mateo was a friend / roadie / groupie. When things got too heavy and serious between the members of MC they broke up; since Mateo was already playing bass for a side project called Aftermath with Ed and Rick it seemed only natural to form a band with Rev. Sean on vocals. The rest, as they say, is a gross miscarriage of justice against humanity.

Litmus started when all the members lived in Orange County, CA. In the following years the band has spread out and currently live spread amongst Orange, Los Angeles and Riverside counties, so even though the band is often termed an "OC" band, "Southern California" is more like it.

There have been many releases over the years, ranging from labels that ripped us off to Cargo Music to doing it ourselves. Litmus has also been filmed live for 2 feature movies, one which apparently died in production and the other being director Penelope Spheeris' award-winning documentary "The Decline of Western Civilization III." Throughout it all we continue to have fun doing what we love most, playing our music and entertaining (thankfully) a large and very loyal fanbase. If it wasn't fun we wouldn't do it...
...which is why we broke up in June of 2002, after 11.5 years. We've all grown (up or old, nobody is sure) and it seemed for the best. We have had a great time and enjoyed most every minute of the ride. We have our fans to thank for much of that.