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DS -13


...of 1996 there was a band called Revive. Things weren't going all that good for them. So they split up. But 138 (bass) and Tom Terror (vocals) were not ready to give up hardcore just yet. Tom took the drums, 138 grabbed the guitar and 20 minutes later they had made 13 fast, fukked and furious songs. D.S.-13 was born. They had the songs, now all they had to do was find some other kids who wanted to rock. Unfortunately, the revolving door principle resulted in members coming and going. Lo-78, Manga and José Sellout all tried the bass, but none of them fit in the fukked up punkrock dream that infested the brains of 138 and Tom like a cancer. A singer was found in Jussi Suburban but unfortunately he was lost to the drug crazed, "killed-by-boredom", concrete TV wastelands of the suburbs. Rest in peace Jussi. Tom took the microphone instead and the duo recruited Andy A as a drummer. The first stable line-up was completed by bassist Fred-13.
Back in the days...

...of early 1997 things were looking pretty good. D.S.-13 played their first show early that year. Everybody was psyched. Unfortunately the band sucked. They sucked bad. So they split up and everything was hell and damnation.

Enter Jånte D-Kay, a real old-timer in the Umeå hardcorescene. He still believed in the potential of D.S.-13 and approached Tom about reforming the group. So they did. 138 switched back to his natural instrument, the bass, and Jånte borrowed a six-string from some loser sell-out. Another gig was played and this time D.S.-13 ripped everyone to shreds. And there was much rejoicing.

The four kids entered Second Home studio in October 1997. In a few hours they had recorded 26 songs. This session resulted in the 13 song "Aborted Teen Generation" 7" on their own, newly started label Busted Heads Records.

Back in the days of...

...early 1998 Busted Heads were forced to do a second press of the D.S.-13 7ä. That one disappeared just as fast as the first one. Later that year Malmö/Gothenburg-based label Hepatit D released a split7" with D.S-13 and Swedish kängsters Sic Transit Glori Mundi. The drug-free, Umeå hardcore side featured 6 songs taken from the same session as "Aborted Teen Generation". It was supposed to be a split with Blind Obedience. Then it was changed to Tolshock. And when the records arrived in Umeå it was a split with S.T.G.M. Go figure.

The band did a few gigs here and there in Sweden and made some new friends. Some of their new friends even had influential record companies, a fact that lead to a collaboration with the two Stockholm labels Insect Records and Communichaos Media. A second session in September at the now infamous Second Home gave us a new 13 song piece of vinyl, the "For The Kids, Not The Business" 7". During 1998 D.S.-13 even had time to do some gigs down south with their eternal friends Separation. And everybody was happy.

The guys got even more happy when infamous jankee punkrocker Felix Von Havoc, singer of thrashers Code 13, contacted them and offered to do an american version of "Aborted Teen Generation" on his label Havoc Records. He's been taking care of that record ever since, and he«s doing such a great job that Busted Heads have no plans of ever doing another press.

Back in the days...

...of 1999 they didn't release all that much. Even though they recorded new stuff in May for an LP things got delayed, as they always do in the world of do-it-yourself. This law of "everything-must-take-as-long-time-as-possible", resulted in a very delayed release of the split7" with Australias Blood Of Others on aussie labels Organic/Spiral Objective in June 1999. Originally intended as a split with Heads Kicked Off, it featured 6 songs recorded at the same time as "Aborted Teen Generation".

In July they did their first "real" tour. Together with Separation and Svante, the playboy roadie, the guys in D.S.-13 spent 3 weeks in a van, touring all over Europe. And what a fukking blast the merry crue had!

Back in the days...

...of 2000 the guys were really, really busy. The year finally saw the release of the LP/CD and the much delayed 6" that was recorded at the same time as "For The Kids...". They also managed to do a split7" w/Americas Code 13, a very silly one-sided 7" made in 138 copies and a tape filled with compilation tracks (that never seem to show up on vinyl) and a live set. Then in July came their most adventurous project yet: The US tour! With the help of Felix Von Havoc the quartet spent 4 weeks doing shows in the land of the free. And boy, did they love America! So much in fact that they promised to return next year! The later half of 2000 they didn't do much though, except for a show in Umeå w/Good Clean Fun and short Swedish tour w/their brothers in E.T.A. Gotta relax some time for fukk's sake!
Back in the days...
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