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Angel City Outcasts

By George Kaotik
GeorgeKaotik: Yo!!  what are you guys up to these days?
Bob: Drinkin beer and playing music mainly.
GeorgeKaotik: nice,So are you guys just planing on having shows for a wile or what up? are you gonna take a brake?
Bob: Nah, no breaks at all, we just finished the c.d so theres no stoppin now. We got about four shows comin up in october
GeorgeKaotik: ok are you guys playing with any big bands and if so what bands are you guys playing with?
Bob: In november were supposed to have a show with Menace at the martini lounge I think, there were a couple other big shows that we shot for but didnt get on in time. We also, if all goes really good, well be doing a full u.s tour next year with The U.S Bombs, The Casualties, and The Briggs, the guys from the Briggs are tryin to help us get on that bill.
GeorgeKaotik: What States will that tour be hitting?
Bob: As of now, I have no idea.
GeorgeKaotik: Are you guys getting atention from any record lables?
Bob: Taang has showed a little intrest, but we havent really sent anything in so far. We have some plans for a few bigger labels that were gonna shoot for, but I cant really tell you what they are, top secret.
GeorgeKaotik: HUmm... we could only guess..Hey When are you guys going to record a full lenght album?
Bob: When we get signed and someone else is willing to pay for it! hahahaha makin records cost alot of fuckin money When we were Youth Rebellion, and did the 7'inches, we never made even half our money back prolly we still got about 300 of em too!
GeorgeKaotik: What are some of the most "outrages" thing that has happend to you guys wile on stage?
Bob: hmm Nothin outrageous I dont think Some fights here and there where we had to drop our instruments in the middle of a song to break up but nothing else.
GeorgeKaotik: What kind of drink do you guys perfer?
Bob: Id say we all love Newcastle Brown Ale as one of our favorites But we dont always have money to spend on it so we usually get MGD
GeorgeKaotik: Your other band Ragtime Revolutionaries whats going on with them?
Bob: We have a shiload of new stuff, and hopefully well have a split c.d with Societys parasites out sometime this year or early next
GeorgeKaotik: Societys Parasites now thats a good bunch of guys about how many times would you say you guys have played with them?
Bob: Hmm I dunno, I know when we were Youth Rebellion, we played with them at least 3 times, Ragtime has played with them a few more. Thier always puttin on shows
GeorgeKaotik: Since your in two band do you find it hard to play with both of them if they are both booked for the same show.
Bob: Nah not really, I love just playing, so its twice as fun for me! It would actually be better for the people, but it would suck not to call those placed LA or have them associated with it anymore cause when people think LA cali, they think of places like Hollywood ya know?
GeorgeKaotik: yea i know what you mean. So to plug my site what do you think about the "Punk Shit" Site?
Bob: I think its an awesome site, I like the reveiws cause you do alot of local shit and the mp3's section
GeorgeKaotik: yea its now mostly going to be about local shit and not many BIG band but their will still be some big bands on there.
Bob: Thats awesome
GeorgeKaotik: what are do you think ACO will be doing Three  year from now?
Bob: Hopefully drinking beer and hanging out with all our friends and getting paid for it! If we ever start making money, were gonna producing bands that are good but don't really have the money to do promotion Cause with labels like epitaph, they seem to only sign the money makers, which results in allot of shitty girl bands getting signed when there are allot of better punk bands out there.
GeorgeKaotik: HAHAHAHAH Yeah get signed to Epitaph make allot of money drop them then make a Label called Epupyourass and get some good band on there.
GeorgeKaotik: What band has been to most fun playing with?
Bob: As Youth Rebellion, id say one of our best shows was with the Casualties, that one and in t.j Mexico with Youth Brigade The recent Hudson Falcons show and The Roustabouts/Tanka Ray shows were really fun too
GeorgeKaotik: OK well any last comments before I let you go?
Bob: Don't sweat the petty things, Don't pet the sweaty things
GeorgeKaotik: Well peace out and take care  latez
Bob: See ya