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AssHole Parade
Travis Ginn - vocals (1995-2002)
Jon Weisberg - drums (1995-2002)
Brian Johnson - Guitar (1995-2002)
Chris Campisi - bass (1995-1996)
Travis Johnson - bass (1996-2002)
D-RON - bass (European tour and last show)
Drew DeMaio - 2nd guitar (1997-1998)
Matt Sweeting - 2nd guitar (1998-2002)
Chuck Regan - 2nd guitar (1 week in 1998)

So I have been absolutely dreading doing this, but I thought it would be good to have an actual account of how ASSHOLEPARADE came about, and a little history of our 7 (or so) year existence. I hope that you get some sort of entertainment from this, and for god's sake if I mess anything up give me an email and refresh my memory because lord knows I was not in my right mind some of those fucking crazy nights....
So I guess that it all started in August of 1995. I can't be positive about the exact date, but we played our first show at the HARDBACK in Gainesville, Florida with DAMAD and SECTION 8 on the 10-15-95. We played our last show at KRIEGERS WAREHOUSE in Gainesville, Florida with KYLESA (ex-DAMAD) on 9-28-02.
So I guess that I met Jon in the summer of 1995. He moved down to Gainesville to play drums for Vanbuilderass, a local, almost all, girl punk band. I met him when we happened to go to the same fest up in Atlanta that Copout, Assuck, Quadiliacha, and others were playing. MORE LATER...SORRY