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Lower Class Citizense
members: cesar (singer), tony (guitar), andy (guitar), payam (bass), mike (drums)
LCC stands for lower class citizens. our name just means that punks are and will allways be looked down upon as lower class citiens; regardless if they have money or who their parents are. All punks are looked down upon by the upperclass but we realize that we are all equals in the scene and there are no betters.
LCC started in november of 2000 because payam and mike recently quit their old band and needed something new. we asked our friends tony and bob to join our band and then went on to find our singer cesar. he joined up and at our first practice we covered a couple casualties songs and made a song called followers which we no longer play. after a while of being together bob started singing for (tony's other band at the time) ragtime revolutionaries. then bob later joined youth rebellion as their guitarist and it was too hard to juggle three bands so we decided that he was out. a few months later we found andy at a ragtime revolutionaries show and got his number and he tried out. it worked out good so we kept him.
Since everyone in this band likes all different styles of punk we have a variety in our music. we play slower/faster harder/softer. it keeps us entertained and hopefully everyone else. everyone in this band writes lyrics and contributes so we have a couple different perspectives and views.
well thats the history of the band up to date soooooo...
-up the punx