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Bruce Banner
I Love Fucked Up Noise 7" EP contains 14 HC songs. Put out by Sounds of betrayal/P.F.C and Bent Edge Records. 200 white vinyl and 1000 black. Released the 13th of Januari 2001.

Stop moving Simon Says
Mean Green Mother Spoonbender
I Do Harm My Ears...
Martian Robots Bop
Fuck 12
Nothing Flux One To One Scale
James Bondage Demon ( Septic Death Cover)

Split 7" w/SAYYADINA. BRUCE BANNER have 6 songs on this little piece of plastic. 200 copies on two-coloured vinyl and handscreened cover, 1000 copies on black vinyl. Realesed 8th July 2001 by Sounds Of Betrayal/P.F.C.
Fucked up
Falck security - jävla as!
Dead Serious (Attitude Adjustment cover)
Ruiner of all things good
Don´t make me angry
Love is the only weapon