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Los Winoes
The way we first started the band was alvaro, and Jose. They ere talking about having a band and Jose had a drumset and they knew Erik had a guitar. Then all 3 of them started talking about making a band. Alvaro got a bass from white Steve. Then Victor cam along, although he was already in a band, he got kicked out so he came along. So they all started practicing. Meanwhile, Miguel (vocals) was just a guy skating like always. The band needed a singer because none of them wanted to sing. So they picked some random guys and made them try out. They were Chancla, Victor S., Albert, and Miguel. Well Victor S. bitched out and so did Albert. So it was left to Miguel and Chancla. They voted and Miguel won. Days later they needed to play at a show so they needed a singer. Well thats the story of how it all started.