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Just Like Before
La Historia de JLB
Once a upon a time there was a white boy named crow and a fat dark Mexican named cheto and each of them had bands. Crows band at the time was called "lost youth" a punk band was at bread up point so he left that band and called it a waste of time. Mean while chetos band "ignition" was covering rage against the machine. Ernie the trumpet player from jlb was also in ignition as a vocalist but chetos band was having problems so he left. So crow found out about the break up and decided to ask cheto if he would start a bew band with him.(and so the action packed adventure begins) crow and cheto practiced alone until their friend Cesar (el queso) came and joined them el queso came into the band as a rhythm guitar player . Crow and Cesar switched of on drums and guitar because they did not have a drummer at the time so then time passed and they played a coulple fo shows by themselves. The band was called loud mimes for two months and son after left out.
left out had a big name out at this time so after they met Cisco who was already a good friend of the band came to a couple of left outs practices he then became part of left out so at that time they were playing punk after Cisco was in left out Cesar became the permanent drummer . We had bootleg ass equipment some old school drum set from a cracked out white guy by Cesar house and our amp was a karaoke machine (that shit was a fucking time machine). Ernie had bought a trumpet cause he wanted to learn how to play ska and the band wanted Ernie in the band cause the band was tired of the old shit, and wanted new stuff to play. So the band became like a ska, punk band with Ernie’s first show at the talent show (Ernie was fucking shy but he grew out of it) they had lots of shows after. You could say that we are the first ska band in Carson. After a while Ernie and cheto asked Miguel if he wanted to be in jlb he said yes so that's all the band so far we could recruit new people if you want to be in here you are welcome to be in jlb but its if you play an instrument that no one else plays yet in the band.