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Dead Heros
The Dead Heros started off as a project between Skull, Johny,
and Drew after their band Swill Bastards broke up in 2001.
Members came and go, and so did ideas. The band picked up
in Spring 2002. Now a three-piece with Skull, Johny and Nick.
Everyone who heard them play was impressed. Shortly before
their first show a singer, jj, was added. together the 4 embarked
quickly collaberated and dedicated their lives to the band. Another
guitarist, Shawn was added, but he had a short lived term with DH.
Dedication for making great punk rock music, they released their first
demo which has gotten great feedback from punks, skinheads, and
the like. Playing their hearts out at shows, an old friend of the band, Tom
caught a set at Connections and asked to play second guitar. He joined.
Fed up with the current state of punk rock the Dead Heros are beginning
a mission that will never die, as will the spirit held within the band members.