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Civil Amok

Band Bio

So you're intrested in knowing how we started ahhhy??? nosey fuck!!! hahaha anyways It pretty much all started on sunny afternoon with the sun shining on our manly backs Erika and I we're talking after a long morning of eating and fighting over more food and the idea of starting a band poped into our big but yet small heads Erika the man talked this over with Carmen the little keebler elf and decided to bring back Civil Amok but our old drummer had some issues with himslef and quit. For a long time we were pretty much FUCKED yes thats right FUCKED then I the master mind behind this operation remembered I knew a drummer CINDY and well I made a few phone calls sent a few IM's and BAM!! we had Cindy then we were hoaxed some many times by so many guitarist that I decided to play guitar instead of singing that way we could actually start playing I was playing guitar for CIVIL AMOK for a while but then I met Vero after joining THE BEATINGS and asked her if she would play guitar and Vero replied "uhhh yeah" so long story short we got our shit straight and now thats it I guess not very intresting is it??? --Christina