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The Devotchkas
The Devotchkas surfaced from the New York city punk scene back in 1996. Their lineup back then was Stephanie on vocals, Mande on guitar, and Alaine on bass. They went through several drummers until they found the ideal drummer in Gabrielle in 1998 and she has been in the band ever since. They released their debut EP 7" in late 1998 and since have gained a strong fan base. I recommend getting their second release Anihilation, the album offers us the listener with exceptional lyrics and fast music.
They had changed their named to the 99's and had welcomed their new singer JJ after the sudden departure of Stephanie. They released their 1st full length album LIVE FAST DIE YOUNG with JJ on vox. They pretty much change the way the band sounded altogether, but they where still a pretty decent band nonetheless. Just recently the band announced that JJ was out and the band and that they had a new singer by the name of Jessica, not only that but they changed their name back to The Devotchkas. So far they haven to recorded any new material and they have not yet toured. But they are said to be back anytime soon w/ a new singer and better than ever.

- Glitter Bug

Thretning Verse "Mickeys or Nothing"

The Thretning Verse demo "Mickeys' or Nothing" sounds like classic Thretning Verse Fuled by Mickeys' Pixie putting some serious feeling into the music Big Mike with bad ass drumrolls and beats Aaron throwing some dope solos and Cheeseburger Mike keeping it real catchy at the bass. This cd features some of the songs on their previous demo "Still Pounding" but with way better quality it has songs that weren't on their first demo. This demo sounds like straight ahead raw old school street punk. "Mickeys' or Nothing" doesnt slow down throughout the whole cd with a female lead singer sreaming her lungs out this demo will leave you asking for more. Get this cd whenever you get a chance you wont be disappointed.

by Johnny Spex

"What does GBH mean" must be one of the most frequently asked questions that gets asked. If you are British then the chances are that you will know the answer, but being that most of the visitors are from other shores then a proper explanation seems necessary.

In the eyes of British law, there are several degrees of assault on another person for which you could charged if arrested for such offences. I am not sure if these still hold but certainly 'ABH' .. Actual Bodily Harm, would be levelled at you for breaking someone's nose etc. On a sliding scale therefore, 'GBH' .. Grievous Bodily Harm would be for a more serious offence and 'Wounding' would be at a higher level still.

Jock has commented that when 'GBH' started, they then discovered that a Heavy Rock band in London was going by the same name. Rather than change their name, our friends from Birmingham added 'Charged' to their title, they never actually heard of the other band again and eventually the 'Charged' was dropped (circa 1984 at the end of the 'Clay' period).

In some ways, the name 'GBH' implies something rather violent and nasty, but as Jock says for the record, "The name is more connected with thier music than violence, it's also easy to remember !".

'GBH on the ear-holes' is perhaps the way you should look at it.
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trashy tree

Blue Collar Special - Self Titled (2001)
Straight out of the Hollywood area comes Blue Collar Special running with cigarets in mouth and beer in hand. Playing their or brand of melodic punk with a backbone that would make most heterosexual big tall manly bouncers (this is not about you Mel hehehe) turn gay at a drop of a dime. BCS consists of Raf Guitar/Vocals, Johnny Guitar/Vocals, Joey Bass, and Jan Drums. These guys are know for playing balls out loud punk rock shows with little left to the imagination. With a mixture of really slow, fast, and faster songs This CDs has it all the last song is a soft Ska / reggae song. This CD covers all aspects of punks really fast and really slow for example my favorite and fastest song on this album is called "I don't care" and the song just lasts 40 seconds and every second worth it. These guys also have great lyrics to sing along to which are also very fun not too moody and sad only good fun shit. I've had the opportunity to talk to Raf or kinda talk to him I bought toilet paper for them once and it was an awesome experience. Raf is a pretty cool down to earth guy. Without a doubt Blue Collar Special is  a good band with great musical talent besides other talents which I will not talk about at this time. So buy their CDs or else. Don't forget kids Blue Collar Special is doing a southwestern and northwestern US tour from 11/15/2002 till 12/15/2002 for more information go to http://www.bluecollarspecial.com.

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Epoxy - Nothing Else
After listening to the first track I was dumbfounded / Amazed about how much this band sounds and feels like nirvana. Yet this band has something Nirvana which is lacked good lyrics this band is politically aware. Brett their front man and guitar player has serve jail time for "exercising his First Amendment rights to speech and political activity". Also unlike Nirvana these guys have a bratty sounding vocalist witch makes their style of grunge/punk sound better yet more distinct and more recognizable. This CD might get a little bit repetitive but its still good. Epoxy consists of Brett Kimberlin on guitar and vocals, Wade Matthews on bass, and Robbie White on drums. This band has been playing their own brand of music for about 10 years and don't show signs of stoping. If you like Nirvana or any type of grunge band you should definitely get this this CD cuz it will satisfy your urges.
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or better yet you want to tell me the review kicked ass
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Societys Parasites
If you like fast Street Punk then you will like "Societys Parasites". This band has been together for 5 years. They started out with the name (which was later changed because they thought it wan too "trendy") 69 All-stars and have also gone through a few of lineup changes. They have a bunch of demos out right now and are planning to release a split CD with good friends "Ragtime Revolutionaries". They are signed by one of the most popular labels in town called "Obscene Records" which is where the split will be released. These guys went from recording at an apartment with really pissed off neighbors to recording at a studio and don't plan to stop anytime soon.

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The Shmuks

The Shmuks are a punk band that started out like every other punk band recording demos in their garage. Nowadays, they have the opportunity to record at a studio. Their first official demo is called, "Tired of life" and contains 6 tracks that all sound good. "Behind The Scene," which starts out with sort of a Ska beat, later on sounds more like their style. The best description of The Shmuks' style is displayed in the song "Who's to blame?" If you like that song, then you like The Shmuks. Their next demo, which is due out in December or January, has 5 new tracks and 2 old ones. The Shmuks have gone through some line up changes, but always end up with their 4 original band members. They have also gone through names such as "Anti Social" and "No Control" and "The Shmuks" which is obviously their current name. The Shmuks go as follow. Mars and Jimcity both write songs, play guitar, and sing. Yoshio plays the bass and does Backup Vocals. Miguel, the guy who built their web site (http:www.shmuks.com), arranges the gigs and plays drums. These guys start their songs with dope beats and don't stop till the end throw some solos in there and you've got the perfect combination of music and lyrics that define punk.

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