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   This guys are from San Jose and have no site but I George KAOTIK has had the opportunity to get drunk with the guys from Ginch at the Tank house party. Ginch plays awesome (as they call it) Noisecore its fast and the vocals are very well done they remind me of WXHXN? but with much hasher vocals. At the time they went on stay to cause mayhem those guys were drunk as fuck because they had been drinking from like 7 am that day till 8:30pm that's  the time they went on to play and they sounded fucking sweet even though their bass player was passed out somewhere not sure where but whatever. So if your ever in Echo park drop by in the TANK to kick it those guys don't discriminate at all and they will have a nice 211 waiting with your name  on it. Also hopefully GINCH will be there to  play for you and your buddies.

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